China high quality Factory Direct Marketing P10 Outdoor Store Advertising Information Display Screen with Best Sales

Product Description

P10 white color  Half outdoor display detailed table

Product name Door head advertising screen led module type P10
Physical point spacing 10MM Using the environment Half outdoor
ScHangZhou mode 4 scan Signature size 100x20cm
 control mode WiFi and USB According to the color white color
Number of lights 4096/Lamp bead Module size 320mm*160mm
According to the content Text ,background module Pixel 32*16 point
Operating voltage routine 100-240V 50/60Hz whole pixel (Wide* high) 128*32
Output 5V40A / 200w  framework Aluminum alloy
Service life time 100,000 hours Mean time free from failure ≥1000 hours
Maximum power ≤50w/m2 Quality Assurance 2 years
installation hang Cases of gauge 140*22*42cm  
Packing specification 2 pcs Gross weight 12kg

Download the way: USB and WiFi Minimum quantity 20/pcs
Can be customized any size Regular size:70*20cm/ 100*20cm/ 135*20cm/ 100*40cm / 135*40cm / 167*40cm /  200*40cm  / 300*40cm 400*40cm / 200*55cm     

Product Description

We updated it; LED recognizes hardware and software, making it very fast to program your information.
Now you can enter information via WiFi and USB, and you can choose any way you like.
Enter information via USB
1. Install the CD software on your computer.
2. Enter the setup password 168, enter the manually filled device type, smart setup serial number, and the height and width of the screen.
3. Input the contents, insert the USB flash drive into the computer, export the USB flash drive to confirm success. Unplug the USB disk, insert it into the USB interface of the display screen, wait 10 seconds and pull it out.
Input information through mobile WIFI
Support Andrews and iOS iPhone mobile phone system, mobile phone scan CD or manual and any QR code on the back of the display of downloaded software
1. Find WiFi through your phone and click the link to display the hot spot
2. Enter the password :88888888
3. Plan your message, click Send, and your message will now appear on the screen.
Other functions for your use only
Customizing your desired message and highlighting your personality is a powerful way to embed your brand in customers’ minds:
1. Display ability: all kinds of languages, characters, numbers and symbols. The font size of the text message can be adjusted, the scroll speed can be adjusted, and the brightness of the display can be adjusted.
Multiple languages are supported: English/Chinese (simple and traditional) Arabic/Hebrew/Russian/Spanish/German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai and other world languages.
49 display effect, multi-action display, including snow, spray, rotation, rolling, etc., you can choose different rolling action, such as flashing, static, left, right, etc.
SMS can be programmed, SMS can be fixed, mobile, SMS bright, fast, attractive advertising.
User-friendly programming software and manuals that support software upgrades for the entire life of the software.
Stored messages support multiple text displays
Support week, time display HH:MM:SS and countdown display :DDD:HH:MM:SS. It has the function of time memory.
Energy saving: energy saving and high efficiency, 4 level brightness adjustable
Working power supply :110-220V.
Work on computers, laptops, power supplies, sockets. USB cable and AC adapter included.
Best viewing distance :1-10 meters
Life: 100,000 hours
Warranty :2 years.
(including packing)
1 X Leader Signature
1 x USB interface
1 x metal chain
Plug the 1X directly into the power cord
1X CD, software and manuals
Packing mode: color box packing, separate custom white box packing.

Pre-sales service:
1. We have rich experience in LED display engineering at home and abroad, and provide customers
with on-site product installation, commissioning and maintenance services.
2. The company can train users according to the manual, the training content includes system use, system maintenance and equipment protection, pre-sales, after-sales, all for our customers.
After-sales service:
1. Service principle: respond in time, solve problems in the first time, and ensure use.
2. Service period: During the maintenance period of LED panel body, all maintenance fees are exempted; After the maintenance period, only the material fee is charged, not the labor fee.
3. Service scope: If users find any problems that can not be solved, please contact our company, we can respond within 24 hours.
4. In order to shorten the maintenance time, every order of the company will be equipped with: modules, power supply, chips and other spare parts.
The Company will be responsible for the equipment during normal use and storage.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are a professional manufacturing and trading as 1 of the company has 10 years of history.
2. Is this product easy to install?
Yes, it has a locking system and it’s easy to install.
3. Can I customize the size of the LED screen wall?
Yes, we can customize it according to the size of your venue.
4. Do you have a minimum order limit for the LED screen wall?
The minimum order quantity for sample inspection is 1 PCS, but the customer needs to pay the sample fee and the express fee.
5. How about your delivery time?
Typically, it takes 5-7 days for samples and 15-25 working days for bulk orders
6. I don’t have a freight forwarder in China, how to transport the goods?
Don’t worry, you can entrust us to transport the goods for you through DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. Air and sea freight are also optional.
7. Do you provide warranty for the product?
Yes, it’s guaranteed for 2 years from the date of delivery.
8. What are your terms of payment?
T/T, L/C, Western Union,
9. How do I get technical support?
We often participate in exhibitions around the world every year, so if you need, we can visit you.
For more information, please contact us:

Screw Sizes and Their Uses

Screws have different sizes and features. This article will discuss screw sizes and their uses. There are 2 main types: right-handed and left-handed screw shafts. Each screw features a point that drills into the object. Flat tipped screws, on the other hand, need a pre-drilled hole. These screw sizes are determined by the major and minor diameters. To determine which size of screw you need, measure the diameter of the hole and the screw bolt’s thread depth.

The major diameter of a screw shaft

The major diameter of a screw shaft is the distance from the outer edge of the thread on 1 side to the tip of the other. The minor diameter is the inner smooth part of the screw shaft. The major diameter of a screw is typically between 2 and 16 inches. A screw with a pointy tip has a smaller major diameter than 1 without. In addition, a screw with a larger major diameter will have a wider head and drive.
The thread of a screw is usually characterized by its pitch and angle of engagement. The pitch is the angle formed by the helix of a thread, while the crest forms the surface of the thread corresponding to the major diameter of the screw. The pitch angle is the angle between the gear axis and the pitch surface. Screws without self-locking threads have multiple starts, or helical threads.
The pitch is a crucial component of a screw’s threading system. Pitch is the distance from a given thread point to the corresponding point of the next thread on the same shaft. The pitch line is 1 element of pitch diameter. The pitch line, or lead, is a crucial dimension for the thread of a screw, as it controls the amount of thread that will advance during a single turn.

The pitch diameter of a screw shaft

When choosing the appropriate screw, it is important to know its pitch diameter and pitch line. The pitch line designates the distance between adjacent thread sides. The pitch diameter is also known as the mean area of the screw shaft. Both of these dimensions are important when choosing the correct screw. A screw with a pitch of 1/8 will have a mechanical advantage of 6.3. For more information, consult an application engineer at Roton.
The pitch diameter of a screw shaft is measured as the distance between the crest and the root of the thread. Threads that are too long or too short will not fit together in an assembly. To measure pitch, use a measuring tool with a metric scale. If the pitch is too small, it will cause the screw to loosen or get stuck. Increasing the pitch will prevent this problem. As a result, screw diameter is critical.
The pitch diameter of a screw shaft is measured from the crest of 1 thread to the corresponding point on the next thread. Measurement is made from 1 thread to another, which is then measured using the pitch. Alternatively, the pitch diameter can be approximated by averaging the major and minor diameters. In most cases, the pitch diameter of a screw shaft is equal to the difference between the two.

The thread depth of a screw shaft

Often referred to as the major diameter, the thread depth is the outermost diameter of the screw. To measure the thread depth of a screw, use a steel rule, micrometer, or caliper. In general, the first number in the thread designation indicates the major diameter of the thread. If a section of the screw is worn, the thread depth will be smaller, and vice versa. Therefore, it is good practice to measure the section of the screw that receives the least amount of use.
In screw manufacturing, the thread depth is measured from the crest of the screw to the root. The pitch diameter is halfway between the major and minor diameters. The lead diameter represents the amount of linear distance traveled in 1 revolution. As the lead increases, the load capacity decreases. This measurement is primarily used in the construction of screws. However, it should not be used for precision machines. The thread depth of a screw shaft is essential for achieving accurate screw installation.
To measure the thread depth of a screw shaft, the manufacturer must first determine how much material the thread is exposed to. If the thread is exposed to side loads, it can cause the nut to wedge. Because the nut will be side loaded, its thread flanks will contact the nut. The less clearance between the nut and the screw, the lower the clearance between the nut and the screw. However, if the thread is centralized, there is no risk of the nut wedgeing.

The lead of a screw shaft

Pitch and lead are 2 measurements of a screw’s linear distance per turn. They’re often used interchangeably, but their definitions are not the same. The difference between them lies in the axial distance between adjacent threads. For single-start screws, the pitch is equal to the lead, while the lead of a multi-start screw is greater than the pitch. This difference is often referred to as backlash.
There are 2 ways to calculate the pitch and lead of a screw. For single-start screws, the lead and pitch are equal. Multiple-start screws, on the other hand, have multiple starts. The pitch of a multiple-start screw is the same as its lead, but with 2 or more threads running the length of the screw shaft. A square-thread screw is a better choice in applications requiring high load-bearing capacity and minimal friction losses.
The PV curve defines the safe operating limits of lead screw assemblies. It describes the inverse relationship between contact surface pressure and sliding velocity. As the load increases, the lead screw assembly must slow down in order to prevent irreversible damage from frictional heat. Furthermore, a lead screw assembly with a polymer nut must reduce rpm as the load increases. The more speed, the lower the load capacity. But, the PV factor must be below the maximum allowed value of the material used to make the screw shaft.

The thread angle of a screw shaft

The angle between the axes of a thread and the helix of a thread is called the thread angle. A unified thread has a 60-degree angle in all directions. Screws can have either a tapped hole or a captive screw. The screw pitch is measured in millimeters (mm) and is usually equal to the screw major diameter. In most cases, the thread angle will be equal to 60-degrees.
Screws with different angles have various degrees of thread. Originally, this was a problem because of the inconsistency in the threading. However, Sellers’s thread was easier to manufacture and was soon adopted as a standard throughout the United States. The United States government began to adopt this thread standard in the mid-1800s, and several influential corporations in the railroad industry endorsed it. The resulting standard is called the United States Standard thread, and it became part of the ASA’s Vol. 1 publication.
There are 2 types of screw threads: coarse and fine. The latter is easier to tighten and achieves tension at lower torques. On the other hand, the coarse thread is deeper than the fine one, making it easier to apply torque to the screw. The thread angle of a screw shaft will vary from bolt to bolt, but they will both fit in the same screw. This makes it easier to select the correct screw.

The tapped hole (or nut) into which the screw fits

A screw can be re-threaded without having to replace it altogether. The process is different than that of a standard bolt, because it requires threading and tapping. The size of a screw is typically specified by its major and minor diameters, which is the inside distance between threads. The thread pitch, which is the distance between each thread, is also specified. Thread pitch is often expressed in threads per inch.
Screws and bolts have different thread pitches. A coarse thread has fewer threads per inch and a longer distance between threads. It is therefore larger in diameter and longer than the material it is screwed into. A coarse thread is often designated with an “A” or “B” letter. The latter is generally used in smaller-scale metalworking applications. The class of threading is called a “threaded hole” and is designated by a letter.
A tapped hole is often a complication. There is a wide range of variations between the sizes of threaded holes and nut threads, so the tapped hole is a critical dimension in many applications. However, even if you choose a threaded screw that meets the requisite tolerance, there may be a mismatch in the thread pitch. This can prevent the screw from freely rotating.

China high quality Factory Direct Marketing P10 Outdoor Store Advertising Information Display Screen   with Best SalesChina high quality Factory Direct Marketing P10 Outdoor Store Advertising Information Display Screen   with Best Sales