China Professional High Quality Nonwoven Fabric Machine with Great quality

Product Description

High Quality Nonwoven Fabric Machine

Product Description

We enable our customers worldwide to produce nonwoven fabrics economically, reliably and sustainably.
Our mainly products are:spunbond nonwoven lines such as single beam, double-beam and three-beam PP lines PET lines Bico(PE/PP) and spunmelt (spunbond & meltblown) lines such as SMS, SSMS, SMMS, SSMMS.
The max speed of the last updated SSMMS spunmelt line has reached up to 600m/min, the grammage will be from 8-80gsm with high technical performance.

Process flow:
Feeding→Extrusion Melting→filtering→metering→spinning→Cooling→Stretching→Web spreading
→Thermal bonding→slitting→collecting

Model No. YP-SMS-1.6 YP-SMS-2.4 YP-SMS-3.2
SMS(Product width) 1600mm 2400mm 3200mm
Equipment size 31*20*10m 32*21*10m 34*22*10m
Speed 400m/min 400m/min 400m/min
Gram Weight 12-150g/m2 12-150g/m2 12-150g/m2
Yield(Products according to70g/m2) 10-11T/Days 15-16T/Days 20-22T/ Days


Principle Diagram

This polypropylene(PP )spunbonded nonwoven fabric production line has advantages of superior performance, beautiful color, and good quality. It can form a fibre web symmetrically and is complete in types. It can also add recycled material and stuffing to reduce the cost of products.

01 Household Items
Suit Cover Knitwear Cover. Garderobe Cover. T CZPT Cloth. Other Products Include Pillow Slip, Bedspread, Car Cover Cover For Quilt, Computer, Air Conditioner And Fan Cover Etc

02 Medical And Hygiene Article
Operation clothes,exposure suit,disinfect cloth respirator,diaper,duster cloth,wiping cloth,wet face cloth,flexible towel roll,hairdressing products,sanitary towel, pad and any cloth for single use.

03 Commodity and labor production products
Cloth sleeves,apron,sauna cloth etc. Common purpose bags like shopping bag,gift bag,advertising bag,suit bag,quilt storage bag,samples handbag,ads bag,garbage bag etc.

04 Garments And Shoes

Clad And Linning , Shoes Lapping Cloth,
Shoes Bag,Shoes Cover Etc.

05 Industrial and Agricultural Usage
Roadbed Cloth, Dykes And Dams Cloth,
Waterproof Rolling Fabric,Covering Cloth,
Car Interior Decoration Cloth, Filtering Material,
Oil Absorption Material Etc.

Detailed Photos


Hopper system

The main feeding hopper capacity: Max 500kg/hr: Contains vacuum pump, hopper, suction gun as well as suction pipeline; Uses the programmable touch screen control to attract the material; use the stainless steel to make the suction pipeline( pipeline + high strength hose); 7.5kw vacuum pump;
Three master-batch feeding hopper:
Master-batch hopper one: proportion 0.5—5%, precision: +/–2%;
Master-batch hopper two: proportion 5—10%, precision: +/–2%;
Master-batch hopper three: Optional spare


Used to supply carrier for the drawn fiber webs, including a drive system for web forming belt, a suction channel device, a sealing device, an automatic correcting device, belt tensioning device, a frame and a prepressing roller, oil CZPT and web support roll.

Up drawing system and Down drawing system
a. made of section and δ=3mm mirror stainless plate
b.the inner clearance is adjustable

Spinning Box

Uses the heat conduction oil to heat.
Heating: 48KW, the maximum heating temperature is 250 degrees;Uses 300cc the metering pumps, each metering pumps actuate by the synchronous motor.
Max speed: 40RPM.
Motor: 5.5KW.
The manifolder and the melt pipeline have the high quality thermal insulation material, the outside lap use the stainless steel plate, the exterior temperature are not higher than 60 degrees.

Spinning module:1 set Each set of modules include:Aluminum nature gasket;Distribution board;

Our Service

The seller will send 2 or 4 engineers to install, test the production line and train customers’ workers in buyers’ factory. It will take 1 month for whole installation and training.

The seller should cover engineers’ salary and visa cost. And the buyer should cover Round air tickets, accommodations, transportation in buyers’ country, food, medical care, safety cost, and related cost happens in buyers’ country. Also, the buyer should prepare enough labor, electric wire outside the control panel and tools for installations.

Guarantee period for the delivered equipment will be 12month after completion of erection but not later than 18months after shipment. In case any item proves to be defective and the damage is confirmed by seller’s technicians within this period, the seller will at their choice either send engineer to repair or supply a new 1 for replacement free of charge on the basis of CNF delivery.

The above item does not include the parts, which have regular spares or the parts damaged from normal wear, abnormal operation, improper maintenance and inadequate civil works. The seller is not liable for any production loss under any circumstances.

As per export standard, they will also be treated before delivery against damage and rusting.

After Sales Service

1. We provide pre-sales, sales and after sales service, especially 1 year of free maintenance warranty.
2. If there are problems with the machine parts, customer can take pictures and send to us by email to explain the situation, we will help to solve it on line or by email as soon as possible.
3. If there are big problems of the machine caused by wrong operation, we will arrange professional engineer to solve the problem in customer’s factory, but all the cost including visa, air fare and accommodations must be paid by customer.

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China Professional High Quality Nonwoven Fabric Machine   with Great qualityChina Professional High Quality Nonwoven Fabric Machine   with Great quality