China Good quality Hfw200L Multifunctional Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig with high quality

Product Description

HFW200L reverse circulation drilling rig for sale
HFW200L water well drilling machine specification:;

Engine power Kw 110
Max.;drilling depth M 200
Borehole diameter Mm Rock layer100-200,;soil layer500-1000
Working air pressure Mpa 1.;05-2.;46
The total gas consumption m3/min 16-30
Drilling efficiency m/h 10-25
Length of drill rod m 3
Drill pipe diameter mm 89/108
The driven rod mm 108*108
Axial pressure KN 120
Lifting force KN 120
Hydraulic hoist KN 100
Slow down,;slow speed m/min 9.;2
Rise fast,;fast forward speed m/min 50
Power head of rotary torque Nm 5400
Lower rotary hydraulic turntable Nm 35000
Rotary speed r.;p.;m 0-50,;0-100
Hydraulic mud pump L/min 250
Walking speed Km/h 3
Climbing ability ° 20
Host weight  KN 7200
Mainframe exterior size mm 5700*2100*3200


1.;HFW200Lwater well drilling machine is a kind of light and high efficient multifunctional water well drill rig with steel track.;HFW200L water well drilling machine is widely used in engineering construction for drilling wells,;monitoring wells and groundsource heat pump airconditioner,;and also applied in hole blasting,;bolting and anchor cable,;et.;
2.;Top drive rotary power head and a hydraulic rotary disk rotating mechanism,; hydraulic motors,; hydraulic winch chain propulsion for deep hole technology,;mud,;compressed air DTH hammer drilling technology,;HFW200L water well drilling machine can finish cover layer,;sand gravel,;sand,;rock layer stratum,;large diameter deep hole construction.;
3.;The drill,; drill pipe rack lift unloading,; leveling supporting legs,; lifting,; walking and other auxiliary movement by the hydraulic system,; HFW200L water well drilling machine not only can improve the working efficiency,; and reduces the labor intensity of operators.;
Main Features:;
1.;Xihu (West Lake) Dis. lane matches with roller skate,; HFW200L water well drilling machine can reduce 
the sliding resistance,;and also reduce friction and improve the lifetime of extension guide.;
2.;Hydraulic power head and a hydraulic rotary disc motor chain,; drilling and hydraulic
winch binding,; new drilling method,; reasonable power matching.;
3.;Set covering layer,; stratum two kinds of method in one construction drill.;
4.;Travelling to tracked selfpropelled structure,; optional6x4heavy truck to car type well 
5.;HFW200L water well drilling machine is very convenient with air compressor and DTH 
hammer,; using compressed air DTH hammer drilling technology,; complete the bedrock drilling operation.;
6.;HFW200L water well drilling machine is equipped with  technology hydraulic rotary disk,; mud pump,; hydraulic winch,; the mud can be completed normal circulation drilling 
7.;Drill carriage slipway and roller skate matching,;Namely,; reduce sliding resistance,; and 
reduce the slide wear.; 
8.;Twospeed hydraulic regulation is used in rotary,;trust,;lifting,;shall make drilling 
specification more match with well working situation.;
9.;Hydraulic system equipped with separate aircooled hydraulic oil cooler,;and can optional 
install water cooler 
to ensure hydraulic system keep continuous and efficient operation under the 
high temperature weather conditions of different regions.;
10.;Four strenthened hydraulic jacks can become self loading system,; to ensure rotation 
easy and save lifting costs.;

After sales:;
1.;New HFW200L water well drilling machine provides technical train.;
2.;Once anything goes wrong with the machine by normal using,;our technical person must appear at the first time no matter where you are.;
3.;When the machine should be maintained,;you will receive the reminding from us.;
4.;According to different geological conditions,;we will recommend different construction plans for you.; 
5.;Remind you which are wearing parts,;so you can prepare enough.;
6.;24 hours respond to your quality problem.;
7.; Other customer’s reasonable request 


Worm Gear Motors

Worm gear motors are often preferred for quieter operation because of the smooth sliding motion of the worm shaft. Unlike gear motors with teeth, which may click as the worm turns, worm gear motors can be installed in a quiet area. In this article, we will talk about the CZPT whirling process and the various types of worms available. We’ll also discuss the benefits of worm gear motors and worm wheel.
worm shaft

worm gear

In the case of a worm gear, the axial pitch of the ring pinion of the corresponding revolving worm is equal to the circular pitch of the mating revolving pinion of the worm gear. A worm with 1 start is known as a worm with a lead. This leads to a smaller worm wheel. Worms can work in tight spaces because of their small profile.
Generally, a worm gear has high efficiency, but there are a few disadvantages. Worm gears are not recommended for high-heat applications because of their high level of rubbing. A full-fluid lubricant film and the low wear level of the gear reduce friction and wear. Worm gears also have a lower wear rate than a standard gear. The worm shaft and worm gear is also more efficient than a standard gear.
The worm gear shaft is cradled within a self-aligning bearing block that is attached to the gearbox casing. The eccentric housing has radial bearings on both ends, enabling it to engage with the worm gear wheel. The drive is transferred to the worm gear shaft through bevel gears 13A, 1 fixed at the ends of the worm gear shaft and the other in the center of the cross-shaft.

worm wheel

In a worm gearbox, the pinion or worm gear is centered between a geared cylinder and a worm shaft. The worm gear shaft is supported at either end by a radial thrust bearing. A gearbox’s cross-shaft is fixed to a suitable drive means and pivotally attached to the worm wheel. The input drive is transferred to the worm gear shaft 10 through bevel gears 13A, 1 of which is fixed to the end of the worm gear shaft and the other at the centre of the cross-shaft.
Worms and worm wheels are available in several materials. The worm wheel is made of bronze alloy, aluminum, or steel. Aluminum bronze worm wheels are a good choice for high-speed applications. Cast iron worm wheels are cheap and suitable for light loads. MC nylon worm wheels are highly wear-resistant and machinable. Aluminum bronze worm wheels are available and are good for applications with severe wear conditions.
When designing a worm wheel, it is vital to determine the correct lubricant for the worm shaft and a corresponding worm wheel. A suitable lubricant should have a kinematic viscosity of 300 mm2/s and be used for worm wheel sleeve bearings. The worm wheel and worm shaft should be properly lubricated to ensure their longevity.

Multi-start worms

A multi-start worm gear screw jack combines the benefits of multiple starts with linear output speeds. The multi-start worm shaft reduces the effects of single start worms and large ratio gears. Both types of worm gears have a reversible worm that can be reversed or stopped by hand, depending on the application. The worm gear’s self-locking ability depends on the lead angle, pressure angle, and friction coefficient.
A single-start worm has a single thread running the length of its shaft. The worm advances 1 tooth per revolution. A multi-start worm has multiple threads in each of its threads. The gear reduction on a multi-start worm is equal to the number of teeth on the gear minus the number of starts on the worm shaft. In general, a multi-start worm has 2 or 3 threads.
Worm gears can be quieter than other types of gears because the worm shaft glides rather than clicking. This makes them an excellent choice for applications where noise is a concern. Worm gears can be made of softer material, making them more noise-tolerant. In addition, they can withstand shock loads. Compared to gears with toothed teeth, worm gears have a lower noise and vibration rate.
worm shaft

CZPT whirling process

The CZPT whirling process for worm shafts raises the bar for precision gear machining in small to medium production volumes. The CZPT whirling process reduces thread rolling, increases worm quality, and offers reduced cycle times. The CZPT LWN-90 whirling machine features a steel bed, programmable force tailstock, and five-axis interpolation for increased accuracy and quality.
Its 4,000-rpm, 5-kW whirling spindle produces worms and various types of screws. Its outer diameters are up to 2.5 inches, while its length is up to 20 inches. Its dry-cutting process uses a vortex tube to deliver chilled compressed air to the cutting point. Oil is also added to the mixture. The worm shafts produced are free of undercuts, reducing the amount of machining required.
Induction hardening is a process that takes advantage of the whirling process. The induction hardening process utilizes alternating current (AC) to cause eddy currents in metallic objects. The higher the frequency, the higher the surface temperature. The electrical frequency is monitored through sensors to prevent overheating. Induction heating is programmable so that only certain parts of the worm shaft will harden.

Common tangent at an arbitrary point on both surfaces of the worm wheel

A worm gear consists of 2 helical segments with a helix angle equal to 90 degrees. This shape allows the worm to rotate with more than 1 tooth per rotation. A worm’s helix angle is usually close to 90 degrees and the body length is fairly long in the axial direction. A worm gear with a lead angle g has similar properties as a screw gear with a helix angle of 90 degrees.
The axial cross section of a worm gear is not conventionally trapezoidal. Instead, the linear part of the oblique side is replaced by cycloid curves. These curves have a common tangent near the pitch line. The worm wheel is then formed by gear cutting, resulting in a gear with 2 meshing surfaces. This worm gear can rotate at high speeds and still operate quietly.
A worm wheel with a cycloid pitch is a more efficient worm gear. It reduces friction between the worm and the gear, resulting in greater durability, improved operating efficiency, and reduced noise. This pitch line also helps the worm wheel engage more evenly and smoothly. Moreover, it prevents interference with their appearance. It also makes worm wheel and gear engagement smoother.
worm shaft

Calculation of worm shaft deflection

There are several methods for calculating worm shaft deflection, and each method has its own set of disadvantages. These commonly used methods provide good approximations but are inadequate for determining the actual worm shaft deflection. For example, these methods do not account for the geometric modifications to the worm, such as its helical winding of teeth. Furthermore, they overestimate the stiffening effect of the gearing. Hence, efficient thin worm shaft designs require other approaches.
Fortunately, several methods exist to determine the maximum worm shaft deflection. These methods use the finite element method, and include boundary conditions and parameter calculations. Here, we look at a couple of methods. The first method, DIN 3996, calculates the maximum worm shaft deflection based on the test results, while the second one, AGMA 6022, uses the root diameter of the worm as the equivalent bending diameter.
The second method focuses on the basic parameters of worm gearing. We’ll take a closer look at each. We’ll examine worm gearing teeth and the geometric factors that influence them. Commonly, the range of worm gearing teeth is 1 to four, but it can be as large as twelve. Choosing the teeth should depend on optimization requirements, including efficiency and weight. For example, if a worm gearing needs to be smaller than the previous model, then a small number of teeth will suffice.

China Good quality Hfw200L Multifunctional Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig   with high qualityChina Good quality Hfw200L Multifunctional Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig   with high quality